Software innovation

For software professionals, we provide services to help them assess and improve their ability to design, develop, and deliver software. Specifically, we can help in the following areas:

  • Agile transformation. We provide Agile coaching and training. We also help organizations with a strategy that uses Agile as its starting point, transforming the organization with other methodologies, such as Lean. We do more than just coaching and training: we also help clients with their larger strategy for getting what they want from Agile.

  • Other software innovation approaches. “Modern Agile” doesn’t stop with stand-ups and sprints. Successful teams now blend many approaches with Agile, such as Lean, Kanban, Agile frameworks like SAFe, UX. We help our clients select and implement the mix of approaches that best addresses their needs.
  • A larger software innovation strategy. We help clients develop an effective software innovation strategy for aligning and proving all the elements of software development, testing, and delivery. We help clients align the many moving parts of software innovation towards common goals, and we help them put into place the measures and other feedback mechanisms that keep them on track toward these objectives.

  • Scaling success. We have extensive experience helping clients deal with all these problems at both the small and large scale.


We provide a variety of services. Usually, the work we do with clients falls into three categories:

  • Assessments. We assess software development and delivery organizations across several dimensions, such as ability to adapt, engineering skills, tools support, alignment across groups, technical debt, and the amount of customer value delivered.
  • Software transformation strategy. Using these assessments as a starting point, we help clients develop strategies for improving their software development and delivery practices. We look for fulcrums, points around which major changes can turn, rather than dissipating efforts across a broad front of issues. We have no particular methodological or tools axes to grind, so our clients can count on our objectivity.
  • Training and coaching. Rather than just deliver a set of recommendations and then wave good-bye, we are equipped to continue working with clients, training their teams on new methods and tools, and then providing extended coaching to ensure that these changes take hold.


The path to real organizational innovation and transformation often runs through software. Software is not only “eating the world,” but it also defines key elements of organizational strategy, for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to smaller firms, and across different economic segments and professions. We help clients better leverage their existing software assets, or develop new ones. We have broad experience working with IT departments, software companies, customer-facing application teams, mobile developers, and other types of software innovators.

Serious games often help software organizations become better innovators. These games can perform a variety functions, from providing greater customer insight to better aligning different groups in the software value stream. Therefore, serious games appear in our software innovation offerings, as tools that you can use in both ad hoc and regular fashions.